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Small agency. Big response

From rock-solid blue chip corporates to major retail triumphs, we’ve seen the success a solid media strategy can have, for hundreds of clients over the years.


We may be little, but we’ve got the power and nouse to drive big response. 

The strength of Diamond is our team – small but perfectly formed…

We have a highly experienced team of senior staff who take great care in getting to know your business and your audience, to help you build strong and effective media campaigns that more than deliver on your objectives.

Our People

What sets Diamond Media apart?




We may be small, but we’re big on response. Results drive us. We track offline media to online so we can assess media effectiveness, and will recommended strategic changes mid campaign to improve effectiveness. We’re big on responding to you too. When you want answers or want to see results, we’re ready, responsive and available – no waiting in the queue like at big agencies.




With almost three decades in the game, we know strategy matters. We focus on your customers first and communication tools second. By getting a clear understanding of how you want to be perceived, your campaign objectives, and who and where your customers are, we have a much better understanding of how to match media to your audience – and that is where response lies. Understanding = effectiveness.




Our experienced team can do it all.


We have full media accreditation for online, magazines, newspapers, billboards, cinema, letterbox, radio and TV.

We’ve been doing our thing in the industry for a good number of years now, so we know the ups and downs of media and how to reach that audience – and keep them. We’re not some pop-up shop out to push the latest social media whim. We know our stuff and how to blend new media with the tried-and-true, to build a fulfilling and ongoing conversation with your brand. 
Paul Bell, Managing Director, Diamond Media

Direct Vs. Accredited


If you are currently buying your media directly from a radio, TV, online or print rep, their job is to sell you time or space. The rep's income is directly related to the dollars you pay.


You’re better off getting independent advice from an accredited media agency with no vested interest on what publication, channel or radio station to use.

Even if you still buy your media direct, it’s very valuable to know what the comparisons are and that you are on the right track. What you think you might save in booking fees can actually cost you a lot because when you buy direct, there’s no strategy that comes with it. And strategy and understanding = effectiveness.

Get the right advice from a Diamond Media independent media advisor.

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